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A Farm to Table Culinary Experience

Food Glorious Food

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Our Mission

Here at Food Glorious Food it is our goal to teach children about where their food comes from. We do this not by lecturing but by engaging students in hands-on, engaging learning experiences. Students actually plant, grow, and harvest their food before they prepare it themselves. We travel to schools or other learning institutions in the area and help students create container gardens, hydroponic gardens, whatever their space allows and let them experience for themselves where their food comes from. Once food is grown, we harvest and create a variety of recipes that students prepare themselves! Students learn about nutrition, plants, select and eat fresh leafy greens, eat clean organic foods without any additional preservatives added. Students work the ground themselves- they prune, they prepare, they plant, they pick weeds, they water, they compost, they are digging in the dirt and enjoying the sunshine. Then they get to eat their fruits of their labor! Teaching students about the essential connection between the Earth and their very health and well being will raise children's awareness of making more Earth friendly choices in their everyday lives. The ripple effects of these choices will last a lifetime! 

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